Beginner, again!

Have you heard about the new hack? ‘If houseflies are not eating we are not eating.’ Apparently, poisoned meat does not attract house flies.

Just incase you are health cautious, carry like two flies and release them pale kwa meat vendor.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ If they take off, abort purchase. Thank me later.

Hello blog squad!

Yep, its me. I am starting off but I am not going to put that ‘L’ sticker on my pen. You know why. Lately I have been getting a number of concerns from my loyals as to the whereabouts of my writing.

‘Your blog is not live!’ I know. It actually collapsed.🀷

Last year I was posting blogs on my site, giving insights to my blogees into their psyche to help them face each day boldly and conquer their fears. It was a perfect rendezvous for the readers who believed( and still do) in my writing. I was also doing fashion posts with bias to men’s wear, giving tips on personal style for men. I know I promised alot on that but never really delivered. My apologies. I sank into a really major block but am back, this time for real.

So generally, the purpose of my previous site was to help my readers show up into the world with confidence. I have been upto a number of things lately. I have been rebuilding my public speaking, took a short-term job entirely purposed for that.

I have also been keen on the kind of relationships I form around myself, creating a good filtering process to discover the right energy and vibe around me to maintain that good balance. You should try it too. Alot of personal development strategies still underway as I continue curving out my path and defining it.
Also got a real job😁. You know, not one of those online thingies we get invited to all the time.

I now will be journaling here frequently. I have been growing, learning, exploring and taking on the world more boldly. This means I’ll be taking on more topics.. yaaay!!

Yesterday a friend ‘wassaped’ me a clip on millenials which really got to me. So I was, ‘ i’ve been thinking about this topic.’ I have come across alot of content and discussions on this topic lately. The debate is usually between the parenting and millenials themselves( the war being between and on both parties). Most arguments suggest that millenials are detached, arrogant and impatient. How true is that?

Am still giving this alot of thought and observing fellow millenials around me, dissecting patterns of behaviour and attitudes. When I am done, I’ll definately share my ultimate thought on this journal with you guys.

Away from that, I won’t just ignore the AFCON. Yesterday I watched my first match of the championship. Surprisingly, it was the final match as well.πŸ˜‚

But, who cares, I made the correct prediction anyways. I am not going to delve into that much lest I offend the ‘experts’ of football with my surface level understanding. That is it for now, do have yourselves a nice July.

Thanks for joining me. To new beginnings, again!!

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