Why is depression so common amongst 18 – 25 year olds is a question alot of people have been asking themselves. Here is my thought on this.


I mean, at these ages life is so ‘ light’. You have no family, no responsibilities, all you need to worry yourself about is sex and where the next party will be. If not that, then its college and your career path you should be concerned about.

However, what people fail to realize is that these are the most important years of a human being. Here is where we transition from childhood to adulthood. Here is where we become the person we are going to be for the rest of our lives. Here is where we drop the beliefs that we have been taught by our parents and society when we were not old enough to make our own choices. We are now free to choose who we want to be and who we’re going to be. This freedom comes with responsibilities too.

Alot of young people falter, I must say.

Here is where the problems now come in. Some kids spent their lives in a comfortable nurturing environment and grow up with a self-assured attitude. Its easy for them to make the transitioning.

The unlucky ones face a number of challenges ; from picking the wrong friends, to picking the wrong choices, et cetera.

Alot of young people find themselves stuck in an identity crisis. They end up locked up in their rooms for days as they sink into a spiral of depression. Afraid to show up in the world, a world that demands to see who they are becoming.

” I am becoming nothing, please leave me alone.”

Others end up living a lie. Social media is awash with happy photos of young people who are living lonely lives behind the scenes. They have beautiful accounts with many likes and followers.

“I am happy even though am depressed.”

I cannot just be blind and blame young people. Elderly people also have their mid-life crisis when they turn into their forties, no one judges them. Transitioning into adulthood is a tough stage in ones life and requires support. Young people need love so that they can feel safe to show who they really are to the world and show up permanently. On the other hand, young people also need to be honest and be available to people who have been there before so that they can be guided like Moses till they are ready to sodier on.

I can blame the lack of identity among young people on a failed parenting strategy and upbringing later but for now I am focussed on identifying.

When we were children, the only aporoval we needed was that of our parents. As we grow up however, we discover that we need to broaden the scope and seek that of peers and be incorporated into the society. It is a stressful time of one’s life and some end up failing terribly. For instance, take those that grew up in sheltered homes where they were insulated from the world so that tgey would be safe from its craze. It comes with alot of advantages but disadvantages too. If they find the right help in their transitioning to adulthood then they will find their place in the society and show it their amazing values that they learnt in their childhood.

Its even more difficult for those that grew up in abusive and/or defunct homes. These kids are growing up with deep emotional wounds and can’t help but show them through the relationships that they create. They keep colliding with the world because they are still ailing and nursing scars and wounds of the past. If you feel that you belong to this lot, then you should see a therapist or someone you trust so they can walk you through the healing journey and eventually you can show up in the world more comfortably.

So there guys, I hope now you atleast have a clue of where you belong and can now identify yourself in the world. In my previous post – A Confession, I pointed out how you can create the life you’ve been wanting. Keep visiting this website and eventually you will manage to IDENTIFY cause its therapeutic. Thanks for coming.

Don’t forget you can email me that story you’ve been yearning to share with the world and I will post it on Your Story segment on this website;

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