Shades Of Ghetto.

All human beings are fearfully and wonderfully made, no matter what they look like, what they have (or don’t have) or what they are born to.

A difficult upbringing isn’t the best but with it comes life lessons and an important life experience. Important attributes like patience, humility, contentment and loyalty are inscribed. On the flip-side, it teaches you to be poor. The beliefs you hold may hold you back. ‘You get called to the table and you doubt if you deserve.’

‘Rich people get richer while poor people continue being poor’ might sound like a cliché but it is a philosophical citation that deserves to be given a lot of thought. Look around you, on television or in books. Alot of successful people stem from well-off upbringings. If you don’t know of any, I’ll give you Donald Trump. I am not saying all successful people have known plenty all their life but plenty of them have. Wondered why? Wonder now.

The thing about we poor people is that we believe we are poor. Poor people conclude that because other people are doing better than them, then they must be better or more intelligent than they are. They tend to believe that people who are worth more than them are more worthy so they have to pave way. They get defined by poverty just like some rich people get defined by the material things they own. But poverty is a sad state.

They end up ‘owning’ poverty and that is why poor people remain poor. Yes they own poverty. Its theirs, they are used to it. They look for poor friends, hang out in poor people’s places, call themselves poor and conclude they are not worthy.

Wealthy people on the other hand have a high self-esteem and believe in themselves ( not all of them).They believe they are capable of getting what they want if they put in effort. They believe no one, absolutely no one is better than them (although some believe they are better than other people) and deserve to be here. As a result, they form awesome characters, build enriching networks and generally live happy fulfilling lives – again not all of them.

They also teach their children to value themselves always. Somebody says; the reason rich kids are better at alot of things is because they have better parents. How true is that!

In campus for instance, I see rich kids cluster with other rich kids. Alot of them have alot going on in their lives outside the classroom and generally have a good sense of self. They also hang out in expensive places and so on.

Don’t get me started on ghetto kids.

I’ll tell you why the beliefs we hold, hold us back. I believe the subconscious mind is more powerful than our conscious part of the brain. It does everything else apart from the one thing that you are doing at the moment. The subconscious is a defination of you.

This part of our brain is like a garden. You sow seeds of what you tell yourself everyday using your conscious. Eventually, these seeds grow and become the beliefs we hold. They become the defination of you. They guide your life and every decision you make. How long have you told yourself or been told you are poor, worthless, incapable, undeserving. That is how long your seeds/beliefs have grown.

They are now mature plants and they dictate everything you do, relationships and friendships you choose, how much you believe you can achieve your dreams and so on. I call them the shades of ghetto or simply traces of poverty. You are moving through life looking for people with these shades. If you want to achieve your dreams, whatever they are, and you feel that these traces of poverty hold you back then its time to uproot them. Here’s a hint;

1. Believe in yourself – Everything begins with believing in yourself. Start telling yourself that you are worthy. Ofcourse you will find that people who you used to commune with, people with the shades, will start to hate you or envy you but its time to move to a better place.

2. Read – Sow your mind with positivity and knowledge, the old plants will die away. Read books on personal development. Knowledge is hidden in books so find those new seeds.

3. Be choosy with who you hang out with – In my country it is said ‘how far you go depends on who you know’. Choose to hang out with positive people, people with a high sense of self and who believe that its possible. They will influence you, be real with each other though.

4. Where you hang-out – Don’t be shy to hang out in expensive places. That is where you will find meaningful networks. Be real though.

You have had a blessing to have experienced a tough life. You have grown brave and can endure a lot of things. Some beliefs from the ghetto though, they aren’t serving you and you need to let them go so that you can live your best life.

What you believe is what you posses.

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