Bring You Up To Speed.

Are you in anguish, pain, dissolution or imbalance? Here are forty five seconds of cheer-up that are worth your while.

While some may argue that true happiness or fulfillment in life is in finding your gift and giving it away, others will say it is finding your life’s purpose. A closer look at the two and they really are the same thing. True fullfilment is knowing thyself and being that person.

Life, we have to say feels more comfortable and easy when you are honest with yourself and those around you. Alot of people have their ‘aha’ moment when they finally find their peace and let go their fears and worries that they’ve been clinging on. This way, you will atleast have the wisdom or opportunity of knowing where you belong and where you are going in this universe. Very important.

Today I talk about one notorious place where people get stuck or mixed up forever. Their childhoods.

Go, Go

When people were children, they did not have the priviledge of knowing and choosing what is fine by them. They therefore follow what is taught to them obediently. Obedience is actually what is taught. Something may happen in your childhood or anywhere else along the line and you don’t find the courage to get past it. No one ever teaches you what to do so that you can get past that obstacle. You will find that it holds you back all your life.

All your life you are just there, stuck, blaming yourself, circumstances or worse still, blaming another person. ‘It is someone’s responsiblity you suffer.’ This causes you a great deal of joy and you even forget who you are. This post is here to tell you that you don’t have to live like that anymore. The person you blame might not even know you hate them. I totaly understand your situation but you don’t have to hold on to a past that you can’t change. It might be hard man but you have to.

Its so much energy you spend there you’d rather use it on working on yourself, correcting your mistakes or learning from them. Building lasting friendship bonds with people around you. Even new ones. Producing new energies and emotions. Maintaining a natural vibe that comes from knowing who you are and remembering that everytime.

Knowing who you are is so therapeutic reader. Its so relieving to know that your next words will steal be positive and enriching to listeners. Knowing that you don’t have to explain yourself because there is nothing you hold back. Everything grows from being honest with yourself. Let go off the baggage. Just that.

Next time.

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