The Reason Why.

If you could read my mind…

Well, it’s a meaningless existence but one thing that gives us reason to thrive and derive meaning in it is LOVE. And the universe gave me my same type of retard.😂♥️

Here is to my valentine. Custom made for my girl, my life-time crush. Darling you are my best friend and companion upon life’s ways. We live in a world of opportunists where every human thinks of themselves first but I am definately lucky to have created a world with you where one gives and even more is returned. A synchronicity of something real. Your world and mine.

A world free of pride or ego or fear or judgement or envy or jealousy or unforgiveness; you name all those negative vibes that exist outside our haven.

Your beauty, well, your beauty is the kind they call breathtaking and part of the reason for my relentless pursuit though just a bonus to the real reason I am with you. To be loved by you makes me see life from a different perspective.

Your capacity of loving is just but amazing.

We all need someone to lean on sometime. That we have each other, I have promised time and again; all of me. Yes baby, you can count on all of me to be strong for you as you continue to bloom into the awesome you that you are becoming.

My love, your worth is NOT negotiable, not with me, not with anyone else. Every single diamond in this world, you are worth more than them.

We always knew that this voyage was bound to happen and now I’ve got my passport inked up with forever serving as my prime-time destination.

Happy Valentine’s.

Oh! And am gonna start listening to more of Lauv’s songs.

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