Piecing The Red Flag.

Been really working(hard) these past few months, so much that I haven’t really gotten time to feel anything worth writing. I never knew I’m a workaholic. I guess we never stop learning new stuff about ourselves. This year has to be my most productive year by far so far. Anyway, I finally got a breather, amidst a crisis, to sit down and savour life.

Ladies and Gents, without much further ado…😹

Gen Zs came up with a term so I wrote them a poem(ish) to combat their agony. Or so, I felt it poetically. These guys don’t joke when it comes to popularizing something. They take on a new social concept, their generational connection buzzes and within a few, it’s a wildfire. I’m one of them.

So this piece can be felt as deeply as it’s fashioned to, only by the people of pure intentions in their social circles of this world. And I have never seen a ‘pure-intentional’ individual who does not spend time in their feelings. Or emotions, depends with your book. That is where your truth lives. Also, from there is where you learn to connect with those of others and discerning the kind of impact that expressing yours in a certain way can have on people. Somebody says, ‘you can only meet people as deeply as you’ve met yourself.’

Sidelining and isolating yourself from social spheres of life sure will cut you lots of slack. Okay. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The submerged chunk of it is: It will deny you a chance to experience how great life can be. We are social beings, remember. It will also deny you the opportunity to grow as a person and in all other aspects of your life like your career and relationships. And the downside goes deeper. As deep as mental health problems, which will suck whatever life you got left inside you, out of you. Get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay.

Here is a better survival guide…

They say I’m petty. I say… I don’t ignore the little red flags. Okay, OKAY. So I am a freak of details but people don’t just wake up one day and pull out one big red flag that catches you off-guard, and throws you off-balance like that one did. Or like the one coming will.

They have been coming off as peculiar once in a while, all along. It’s the little red flags they’ve been carrying around, all along, while we ignored them. While we played the loyalty card. It’s those little pieces that have built up to a tragic eventuality that is before-hand. Or now rooted deep in memory.

People are usually aware of exactly what they are doing.

And… and eventually we wake up to ourselves, or are rudely aroused one day to one huge, shuttering red flag standing majestically infront of the gates of our cornea. Igniting pain and the season of wallowing in betrayal and defeat in a game of human relations. Then the reality. We’ve been helping the sewer peddle his sewing machine all along. Or atleast let him very conveniently piece together his fabric at a corner while he cunningly watched us play the dumb… Or she, very artistically. Probably even surpassing expectations. Dumb looked really great on you by the way. And you probably still go ahead and choose not to look at it this way. Or maybe can’t even see it this way thereafter.

Our ignorant selves are the architects of our own social agony.

So? Let’s face it.

Yeah! They got comfortable. They got comfortable disrespecting you. They got comfortable lying to you. They got comfortable gossiping and snitching up on you. They got comfortable crossing the line. They got too damn comfortable crossing the boundaries that eventually they could no longer notice you were there when they happened… Or they probably no longer even cared where you were standing. They already got everything they wanted from you… to do with you anyway.

And when this happened, it was the first gulp of who they really were that you took in. Or you now had to take. The long awaited D-day of your shuttering to pieces finally came. Look! I even wrote a poem to celebrate you for this day… dumbass! All their little pieces were right there.

But from a more the-glass-is-half-full point of view: The first day of who you are. On this day the streets gave birth to you.

And now we gotta raise you for them.

Begin again. Begin again now. Begin again now from a smarter place. Begin again now from a place of self-respect. Begin again now from a place of awareness. Not only self, but also social aptitude. Begin again now from a place of courage. The courage to draw the boundaries and enforce them. Courage to choose you. The fuckin courage to accept only what you are capable of tolerating.

Begin now with the courage to destroy the little red flags the moment they start piecing. Or the piecer… or your relationship with them. Afterall it’s an apocalypse in a peace mission.

You are not crazy. The Red Flag is Piecing up. It’s about that time.

Or crises come to teach us lesson number 1: Get your shit right. Same crisis repeat all over again. Lesson number 2: Maybe you are just naturally stupid.

No, am not petty. Am not too analytical. Yes, am sensitive. Am aware. Am smart.

A random sip of my philosophy: Playing dumb can be smart at times. Even ‘A wise man once said nothing.’

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