Narc_Nerd Hack.


Here’s the secret: They don’t waste their time on targets and things that lack beauty and essence. It’s a waste of narcissistic talent and their ‘precious time and presence.’ Or would you mine a water pit in a desert? See!

Narcissists are the easiest people to deal with… and the toughest.
Because they thrive on attention. And attention is something that is yours to give. But you not knowing this, you not knowing stuff about solid boundaries, makes it- theirs to take.

When dealing with one; You literally do nothing. Literally say nothing. Generally avoid the energy they create… which is mostly in form of drama- Stir you till you react. Don’t breath that shit! Become a withering grey rock… without moulds growing on it. Both in its physical and literal meaning. A solid rock though.

If you want them to leave you alone, become unattractive. If you want to deal with them- Fine but Don’t. If you have to deal with them, I’ve got news- You don’t have to. First step of narcissistic abuse is manipulation. That’s the point at which they plug in. Each individual narcissistic talent has its own unique tactics for plugging in. That’s what they want. Remember your energy is their fuel. Like you killing a chicken for dinner… only that chicken are meant to be eaten for dinner. And human beings are not meant to be fed on alive. Don’t plug-in the hose pipe.

Let your energy be inexistent in the narcissist universe.
Remember when you deal with an abusive person for too long you become abusive too. You are learning the craft disguised as self-defense. Unplug then flash out whatever it is you have absorbed already. With speed. Go back to who you were before you stepped into their ring.

About moulds… Moulds are green. And green means life. When you have life, you are a fuel pit in the narcissist universe. Without doubt they’ll make a stop to refuel. Remember that narcissistic human beings lack a soul. We’ve all been there at some point in life maybe. Voids ocassionally happen in human being existence. This body is naturally a void: It’s needy, it’s cursed, and top of that, it’s merely doing it’s time. Just a vessel for the spirit to walk this polluted and sinful garden. Isn’t that why Jesus passed by this way? We are not these bodies, we are the souls that live within. Narcissism in simple words is; deciding to drain the next person to fill your void… and the next… and the next. Like never going to the gas station. Voyaging by cunningly and consciously siphoning other automobiles along the way. Your being, is their fuel. Women fall prey more than men… obviously.

We are camouflaging here. Not fighting back. Flight, not Fight. Simple psychology.

Remember when you lose your soul, you lose it all.



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