The Law Of Foresight.

Here is why a lot of people are living on the victim side of crises they never anticipated or saw coming. When good things happen in our lives we tend to retreat into our comfort zones. We tend to forget that the dice is still rolling and tomorrow you are gonna have to do this or that. That, life is still happening. Do you take time to analyze what tomorrow might bring with it?

Disclaimer; Too much analysis of the future might paralyze you from taking action and even rob you of your joy.

I am a big fan of Brian Tracy and his books. And for those of you who don’t know him – He is ‘one of America’s leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. A dynamic and inspiring speaker’ . He owns and controls Brian Tracy International. The Jack plus Master of all trades. He also happens to be a writer just like me (okay… author). He has authored a merry-band of books like Maximum Achievement, Eat That Frog, The Psychology of Selling and over seventy other books on personal and organizational development.

I have been re-reading one of his best-sellers; The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business success and I stumbled on this 45th law under the laws of leadership and thought it wise to share it with you. This because most of us work so hard to get to a comfortable place and forget how to stay there. We end up being too comfortable and forget life changes alot of things. We stop growing, we stop looking for better opportunities then we end up being stuck in our comfort zones. Tracy’s notes open like this:

You should give a lot of thought to the future because because that is where you are going to be spending the rest of your life.

Such a powerful message that you can take with you as you journey through the rest of the year.

It is infact great to live in the moment but it is also important to think about tomorrow because tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be THE, moment. It probably will come with obstacles you would have avoided if you obeyed the law of foresight. Today I might look really okay to you but what is there in today that can be changed to avoid a setback the next day. He goes on to say:

Your ability to accurately anticipate the future largely determines the success on failure of yourself an you organization.

There is a lot of happiness in living in the moment but even more in knowing your tomorrow is well thought of. Not saying you’ve got to figure it out. Foresight is the ability to analyze the current situation and accurately predict what is likely to happen as a result (Tracy’s words not mine). Having these in mind, you can choose how well to prepare for it so as to avoid surprises that end up making you moan and groan, ‘why is this happening to me.’ There are people in life who complain but never do anything about what is going wrong. To them infact, moaning and groaning is the solution of the situation at hand. I hope after this piece you will no longer belong to that category.

So much of our unhappiness and pain today would have been lessened, or avoided if we took time to asses our situations yesterday and prepared for them well enough. Read that again.

If we learn to practice this law well enough, we can even predict people’s motives and avoid the hurt that the people we bring into our lives bring to us much later because: And this is what I believe in- people are who they are. If we are keen enough, then we can see right through the lies or ill-motives they have in store. If we can master the law of foresight then we can undo those ticking time bombs in our midsts.

Leaders are respected in society because of their ability to think for the rest. Their ability to walk down the road, scout for potential successes and failures and know how well to deal with them. How well to develop on potential and minimize on possible failures in future.

Large companies control the markets in their niches because they are able to oversee opportunities that are yet to be discovered. With these in mind, they innovate and take advantage of such possibilities. They are equally able to look into their future and overlook possible failures and therefore prevent them before they can occur or mitigate the impact. Why not our own lives? Why not our dreams and goals?

Allow yourself to always be in a state of continual becoming. Get out of your comfort zone, look for new challenges so they can better you. Ditch the victim story.

I have ran out of ink so I will leave you with the words of the guru himself. Learn how to apply the law of foresight in the important areas of your life and live your greatest life.

The book – The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Businesss Success presents important principles of life and business in general. It won’t disappoint you on your road to success. Do have yourself a beautiful foreseen life ahead.


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