Today is The Magic.

‘Today is The Magic’

It’s great to have long-terms.
It’s great to think about where you want to be tomorrow and the next one and the next one after that, that stuff.
But the problem with tomorrow, is Scarcity of Information;and blindspots in a decision-making process, strain our mind and ultimately leads to decisions that are tragic: We all know what that does to a good character and reputation.
We know enough about today, and that is all we need to create the avenue for tomorrow.
Today is the magic.

Yes we have a plan for tomorrow. But it’s written in pale grey, almost invisible, with lots of information gaps and speculation. Anxiety. Hopefully, if we do today right, it will undo those. Then we’ll know enough about tomorrow’s today when that comes. But today, we know all that we need to know to make the best out of whatever that is. Visionaries have foggy visions if they overlook the magic that is today.
….today is definitely the magic.


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