Feminism Is The Real Pandemic.

I am no sexist but really… henceforth anytime we need to install women, especially masculine women in high positions of power and societal leadership we gotta ask them, ‘Do you have a cause you believe in that is beyond being a gender activist? Do you understand power dynamics and what it means to be in charge of society? The responsibility?’.

‘Or are you in it just to prove that women are capable of sitting in power positions?.. you achieve that, end of cause. Then from there onwards, you are clueless on what are some of the things power should make happen.’

Look man! We are sick and tired of hearing petty and gender chaotic sentiments like, ‘The future is Female, What a man can do a woman can do better’, everytime a woman rises to a good position. Does it mean she has no other qualifications and values that got her there besides her genitalia. It’s the 21st Century buana, men are willing to compromise their inherent masculine duty of taking charge of the society to a woman who’s got what it takes: Clarity of vision and Audacity to execute.

CJ takes a Bow on her swearing in day.

It is usually very easy to manipulate people who are obsessed with power. A person desperately baying for power more than anything else can never offer quality, leave alone selfless leadership. All the 21st Century Feminist wants is power and this will corrupt and mess up society big time. Politicians are full of bluffs and tricks. While she is busy fighting for female superiority and her ‘girls’, The President and The Executive will be busy grabing Judicial powers hassle free, while baiting her with putting a few more women in power. Then Feminists will run with, ‘Women are winning, the present and future is female’.

Feminists sit down, listen:- The war is not between gender, we have no time for that pettiness. In this case, the war is for democracy and the rule of law and constitutionalism to prevail courtesy of an independent Judiciary. The war is to nurture a society of equal opportunities.

Supposedly… Let’s get geared up for destruction of Maraga’s legacy; A foundation for a solid justice system. A fearless Bench. A man of Integrity, Great Wisdom, Patriotism and BALLS.

Rtd. Chief Justice David Emeritus Maraga.

We are looking up to her. Is she about to prove that this gender card is a massive let-down? Or will she prove that gender is just a word? For now she has taught us to be okay with cherry picking of judges thanks to power play and puppet play. Onto the next compromise on Democracy and Judicial independence.

Is she a trailblazer or The President’s puppet? Get the story as reported by standard media HERE

Hon. Chief Justice Martha Koome.

Like I started by saying, I am no male chauvinist but I am definately Anti-feminist. Go argue with whoever raised you. Men who are failing the society, I am also getting back at you shortly.

Back to you in studio.


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